Statutory guarantee payment for a “workless day” increases

10th February 2012

From 1st February 2012, the statutory guarantee payment for a “workless day” increased from £22.20 per day to £23.50.

 An employee’s right to a statutory guarantee payment for a “workless day” arises if an employer fails to provide an employee with work on a day or shift on which the employee would normally have work and be employed.

 An employer will be required to pay a statutory guarantee payment unless:

  • Employees’ industrial action is directly or indirectly responsible for the employer failing to provide work.
  • The employee has been employed for less than a month.
  • The employee unreasonably refuses an offer of suitable alternative work on the day in question.
  • The employee does no comply with the employer’s reasonable request to remain ‘available’ for work on that day should any arise.

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