July 4, 2012

Metal hip replacement patients do not face increased cancer risk

A recent UK study has found metal-on-metal hip replacement patients are not at a greater risk of developing cancer compared with those without a hip replacement or those with units made from alternative materials.

The study carried out by researchers in the UK using data relating to UK hip replacement patients found there was no link between metal-on-metal hip replacements and an increased risk of cancer after seven years. Whilst the results of the survey have been welcomed researchers have argued further research is needed, saying: “as some cancers have a long latency period it is important that we study the longer-term outcomes and continue to investigate the effects of exposure to orthopaedic meals.”

Researchers from the University of Bristol, University of Exeter and Wrightington Hospital (Wigan) analysed data on 41,000 hip replacement patients held by the National Joint Registry of England and Wales.

The results come amid growing concern over the safety of metal-on-metal hip replacements and a second product recall by another leading manufacturer of metal-on-metal hip replacement components, this time Smith & Nephew. Problems with metal hips are now widely recognised; medical regulators are discouraging their use and advising hospitals that those with metal hip replacements require on-going check-ups for the life-time of the hip replacement.

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