‘The Split’ and Amicable divorce/separation

Posted 22/05/2018

We are all loving the drama and contention in the ruthless BBC Divorce programme, ‘The Split’, where the ruthless yet very glamorous lawyers fight cut- throat, emotionally charged battles for their clients.

In my experience the reality is not nearly so emotional, cut throat or glamorous. We would never dispute how incredibly difficult divorce and separation can be but I generally find most clients want an amicable divorce. As lawyers we certainly encourage this. An amicable divorce keeps costs down and is so much easier for the parties involved and extended family. This is particularly important if there are children.

Children do undoubtedly adapt well to change but not to hostility between their parents. Whilst it is upsetting for them to see their parents no longer together, if you can remain on good terms with each other your children will benefit. It will ensure any future decisions that need to be made about (or for) the children will be much easier. You will need to co-parent the children for the rest of your lives and will both want to be part of the many milestones as the children grow up; birthdays, graduation and even their own weddings! We cannot stress how much easier this can be where both parents show positivity towards the relationship with the other parent.

Legal costs can often be a real concern to parties when deciding whether to commence divorce proceedings. Remaining amicable keeps costs to a minimum as it is the arguing that often costs the money in respect of legal fees.

Take early advice. Your solicitor can advise you with regard to your legal rights and the options available to you. If both parties have good legal advice as to how a court would deal with your matters, you should be able to reach an early settlement and avoid increased legal costs. Your solicitor can then incorporate any agreement into a legally binding settlement to protect your position in the future.

At Holmes & Hills our Solicitors are committed in moving forward with an amicable and non-confrontational approach. Our solicitors are all members of Resolution prescribing to the Resolution Code of Practice. We want to ensure family disputes are dealt with in a constructive way ensuring people’s dignity and to encourage agreement.

If you would like to discuss matters in relation to divorce or separation please contact 01376 320456.

Carol Toulson

Posted 22/05/2018 by:
Carol Toulson
Partner & Head of Family Team

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