Christmas arrangements for separated parents

Posted 20/11/2018

It is that time of year where the shops are full of Christmas and the TV adverts are starting to play on our screens. For separated parents this can be a stressful time ensuring that they see their children over this festive period.

These arrangements do not have to cause issues between you if you can organise ahead of time and can reach an agreement. Unfortunately, communication can be difficult and therefore you may wish to consider mediation or assistance from a family solicitor. At Holmes & Hills our family solicitors can help you reach an agreement with your ex partner or spouse to ensure that the children spend quality time with both parents and their extended families over Christmas.

Often parents divide the festive period between them, for example, one parent has the children on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the other parent then collects them later on Christmas Day or Boxing Day to spend time together for the following days. This can mean that the children have two Christmas Day’s which they will enjoy and allows both parents to spend quality time with the children. These arrangements can be alternated each year.

Try to discuss matters relating to presents and other arrangements with your ex partner or spouse as this can avoid misunderstandings. Arguments can cause stress and upset for all parties and particularly the children which is not in their best interest.

No one wants to end up in Court at this time of year trying to make Christmas contact arrangements and therefore if you cannot reach an agreement directly between you, please contact Holmes & Hills and arrange an appointment with me or one of our other family solicitors.

Court proceedings may be required in order to resolve matters and we can assist you with these. We offer a fixed fee initial appointment for £105 plus VAT and we can discuss your situation and provide you with specific advice tailored to your needs.

Holmes & Hills wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we are here to assist you during what can be a difficult time of year.

Rosalyn  Kinsley

Posted 20/11/2018 by:
Rosalyn Kinsley
Solicitor in Family Team

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