No Charity Bike Ride in 2019

Posted 03/09/2019

This weekend would normally see the Holmes & Hills Solicitors Charity Bike Ride take place. It is not that we've forgotten, we've just been busy walking, for miles, upon miles, upon miles. Read on to find out why...

If we didn't appreciate just what a date the Charity Bike Ride was in some of your cycling calendars, we certainly do now, as many of you have contacted us. We really appreciate your support over the years. Unfortunately however, it will not take place in 2019.

One reason is that the Bike Ride causes us to ask a lot of our clients, contacts, suppliers, local community groups, local businesses, colleagues (and their families) and of course, you. We wanted to give our supporters a well-earned year off. I was even dreaming of putting my feet up, until...

100km in under 30 hours...challenge accepted!

Seven members of the Holmes & Hills team (along with one conscripted neighbour) that would normally be in the Charity Bike Ride War Room about now, will instead be taking part in the Oxfam Trailwalker challenge which will see us trek 100km in under 30 hours, with no sleep, across the South Downs. All of this in aid of Oxfam and The Gurkha Welfare Trust. 

The Trailwalker challenge takes place over the 20-22 September and so we are all hard at work training. Between us we have already walked thousands of kilometres over the past six months, sacrificing many a weekend and nursing many a formidable blister. Will it be enough, only time, another 100km and some more blisters will tell!

Support is welcome:

If you would like to support our 100km, 30 hour, sleepless trek that would be fantastic. You can donate via a central, team JustGiving page using the below button (the walkers have their own additional pages). If you have already donated, we really do appreciate it, thank you. 

Donate >


Until the next Holmes & Hills Charity Bike Ride, which will return, thank you for your years of support and keep safe on the roads!

The Holmes & Hills Trailwalker team:

Kamila Jaskula

Vanessa Santomauro

Sam Bawden

Mark Cornell

Jason Brady

Dominic Graham

Phil Davies

Jackie Wright 


Trekking such a long way and over night means we cannot carry all of our water, rations and gear. Therefore, our amazing support team is:

Sue Bushell

Andrew East

Rebeca Mason

Juliet Wright

Rachel Shaw

Phil Davies

Posted 03/09/2019 by:
Phil Davies
Partner & Head of Business Development

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