Couples save between 16%-21% when making Wills

Posted 09/01/2020

Holmes & Hills Solicitors provides Wills services which mean couples now save between 16% and 21% on legal fees when making Mirror Wills at the same time. Married couples, long-term couples and civil-partners will benefit from the saving. 

Why make a Will at all?

Quite simply, if you do not make a Will the law says who inherits your estate.  Most people assume that everything would pass automatically to their partner but this is not necessarily so and certainly if you are not married or in a civil partnership, they will have no automatic right to inherit ANY part of your estate.  Your estate may pass to the person or persons you would not want to inherit.  It may result in financial hardship for your loved ones or an expensive court action.

Making a Will ensures that the people you want to benefit when you die receive your estate.  Holmes & Hills Solicitors are experienced to be able to draft a Will that is tailor made to meet your specific requirements.

We appreciate that some couples have ‘simple’ arrangements whilst for others their affairs may be more ‘complex’.  Whatever your specific circumstances, Holmes & Hills Solicitors will be able to assist you.


Our clients often wish to receive advice as follows:


Declaration of Trust *

Deed of Variation **


If you have children from a previous relationship

Making a Will is very important for couples who may have children from previous relationships and want to ensure that their money will pass to their own family.  This can be a sensitive issue between couples – but it doesn’t have to be so.  It is possible to draft a Will making sure that your spouse/partner is provided for in the event of your death and ensuring that ultimately your family will inherit your estate.


No better time to make a Will – save up to 21% 

There really is ‘no time like the present’ for you and your partner to make your Wills.  Even if you have already made a Will, it might be a good idea to review it and see if it still meets all your requirements and accurately reflects your wishes.  If we did not draft your existing Will it doesn’t matter, we are still able to advise you and prepare a new one should you wish to do so.

Married couples, civil-partners and co-habiting couples save between 16-21% when making Mirror Wills, the exact saving is subject to the complexity of the affairs and will be advised at an initial meeting. 


What is a Mirror Will?

If you and your partner wish to make Wills, that are in the same terms, these are called ‘Mirror’ Wills. Each Will is a separate legal document but the content is identical and ‘mirrors’ the other. These Wills often provide that the estate of each individual is left to the surviving spouse and then to other beneficiaries on their death.


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Call Holmes & Hills Solicitors on 01376 320456 (Essex) or 01787 275275 (Suffolk). Holmes & Hills has offices in Braintree, Sudbury, Halstead, Tiptree and Coggeshall. 


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Percentage savings based on legal fee saving to a couple based on making Mirror Wills at the same time compared with making Wills separately. Saving is inclusive of VAT.

Dean Stanhope

Posted 09/01/2020 by:
Dean Stanhope
Associate Legal Executive in Private Client Team

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