17/01/17 - Verbal construction contracts and variations to contracts

Sam Bawden, Construction Law solicitor, discusses the issues presented by verbal contracts and verbal variations to contracts in the construction industry.

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28/12/16 - Dealing with a dispute with a builder

Sam Bawden, Construction Law solicitor, discusses the issues that can lead to a homeowner having a dispute with a builder and the best approach to resolving such a dispute.

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08/12/16 - Construction Law - Adjudication costs update

Construction Law solicitor, Sam Bawden, provides an update on important court decisions surrounding the issue of parties to a construction dispute recovering the costs of Adjudication.

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04/11/16 - New Pre Action Protocal for Construction Disputes

Sam Bawden, construction dispute solicitor, discusses the revised Pre Action Protocol for Construction and Engineering Disputes coming into force on 9th November 2016.

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29/09/16 - Interim payment applications in construction – stick to the contract

Sam Bawden, Construction Law solicitor, discusses interim payment applications and the care that must be taken when

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22/09/16 - The importance of due diligence in the construction industry

Sam Bawden, construction solicitor, discusses the importance of undertaking due diligence before entering into construction contracts.

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06/05/16 - Payment Provisions - Case Law Updates

Sam Bawden discusses the circumstances in which the Courts have been willing to depart from the general rule that, in the absence of a (valid) Payment/Pay Less Notice from the Employer, a Contractor becomes entitled to the amount specified in its interim account, regardless of the true value of the works carried out to date.

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