30/04/19 - How Debt Recovery Solicitors Could Save Your Business

This week, it was reported that FlyBMI, an airline operating across Europe until it’s collapse in early 2019, owed up to £37 million at the time of its closure. The debt was outstanding to passengers, suppliers and airports around the world, and administrators estimate that those who have lost out may only receive 1% of their claims – a frankly shocking fact. With factors such as Brexit contributing to economic uncertainty, the risks of a business falling in to debt are real; but how realistic is it to expect your money back, should a business be indebted to you? Holmes & Hills debt recovery solicitors can advise on debt recovery, boasting a 91% recovery success rate.

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01/03/19 - Litigation solicitor discusses contesting a Will

Rachel Shaw, Litigation Solicitor discusses how to contest a Will and some of the common reasons that may lead to a Will being contested.

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23/04/18 - Holmes & Hills Solicitor Sam Bawden to present Construction Law advice

Sam Bawden, Partner & Head of Litigation Team at Holmes & Hills Solicitors will be presenting at the forthcoming Chartered Institute of Building Norwich Hub Adjudication Smash and Grab Update on Tuesday 24th April.

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13/11/17 - Holmes & Hills Solicitors defend adverse possession claim and subsequent appeal

Holmes & Hills Solicitors has successfully defended a complex adverse possession claim (and subsequent appeal) on behalf of two clients, securing the clients’ ownership of the, unregistered, property in question.

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27/09/17 - Zurich survey reveals small businesses are suffering due to late payments

Sam Bawden, Partner & Head of Litigation Team at Holmes & Hills discusses how small businesses are suffering due to late payments, following results from a Zurich survey.

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17/01/17 - Verbal construction contracts and variations to contracts

Sam Bawden, Construction Law solicitor, discusses the issues presented by verbal contracts and verbal variations to contracts in the construction industry.

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28/12/16 - Dealing with a dispute with a builder

Sam Bawden, Construction Law solicitor, discusses the issues that can lead to a homeowner having a dispute with a builder and the best approach to resolving such a dispute.

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