04/04/20 - Can you still make your Will during the coronavirus lockdown?

With Holmes & Hills Solicitors, yes you can. Click and read to find out how.

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31/03/20 - Demand for Will writing services soars amid COVID-19 outbreak

Holmes & Hills offers telephone Will services in response to high demand.

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09/03/20 - Why every business owner should have a Will

Specialist Wills solicitor Sue Carlile explains the importance of having your affairs in order as a business owner.

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09/01/20 - Couples save between 16%-21% when making Wills

Couples now save between 16% and 21% when making Mirror Wills with Holmes & Hills Solicitors.

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09/08/19 - Your parents or a relative need your help, but can you assist them?

If your parents or a relative needed your assistance dealing with their financial affairs, you are likely to want to help, but can you?

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18/04/19 - Contesting a Will

The purpose of a Will is to clearly specify which assets should be left to which person upon your death and is designed to ensure that all parties follow your wishes. However, even with the best intentions a Will dispute may arise and specialist legal advice may be sought in order to provide a quick resolution for all parties. In this article, contentious probate solicitors Holmes & Hills discuss some of the common reasons a Will may be disputed and the actions that can be taken to rectify this.

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15/04/19 - Why Should You Make a Will?

If someone had asked me at the start of my legal career to estimate the amount of times I might be called upon to attend someone who was dying to prepare a Will for them, I would have said ‘maybe once or twice?’. Sadly, this has not been my experience and I am unable to say how many times I have done so. One survey recently highlighted that at least half the population have not made a Will. Another survey put the figure as high as two thirds. Why do we put off making a Will? I suppose it is because we have a reluctance to consider our own demise. The daft thing is, we all know it is going to happen one day...

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