13/08/19 - Protecting a Family Gift from Divorce or Separation

More and more young people are having help from parents and grandparents to help them get on the property ladder. Family law solicitor, Carol Toulson, discusses how to protect this contribution.

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09/08/19 - Your parents or a relative need your help, but can you assist them?

If your parents or a relative needed your assistance dealing with their financial affairs, you are likely to want to help, but can you?

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09/08/19 - Methods of Securing Payments under a Land Promotion Agreement

Partner of Commercial Property, Rebecca Mason, shares her insight in to the use of Land Promotion Agreements.

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05/08/19 - This Autumn: Holmes & Hills 2019 Planning Law Update Events

Do you need to keep up to date with changes in Planning Law? This autumn, Holmes & Hills' team of specialist Planning Law solicitors will be delivering six free Planning Law Update events at venues across Essex and Suffolk.

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05/08/19 - Holiday and Overtime Pay - Know Your Entitlement

Over recent years there have been several important Employment Law Court decisions clarifying the rights contained within the Working Time Directive (WTD) specifically regarding calculation of holiday pay in circumstances where workers regularly perform overtime. The recent Court of Appeal decision in East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust v Flowers has now approved an earlier Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) decision in the case of Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council v Willetts relating specifically to the including of voluntary overtime in holiday pay calculations.

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31/07/19 - Pay first, argue later – “Smash and Grab” update

Many readers will no doubt be familiar with the principle of the “smash and grab” Adjudication (hopefully because they have heard me talk about it before, and not because they have been on the wrong end of one!). The term refers to an Adjudication commenced by a contractor/sub-contractor after it has made an application for payment under a construction contract, in circumstances where its employer (which may be a main contractor) has neither issued a valid payment certificate nor a valid pay less notice but has nevertheless withheld payment.

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22/07/19 - New Debt Recovery Measures Announced

It has been announced this month that the government have put in place new debt recovery measures, to ensure that small businesses are paid on time. Holmes & Hills debt recovery solicitors are experienced in working with small to medium sized enterprises, and understand the strain that cash flow issues due to late payment can cause.

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