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Specialist Construction Law solicitors advising sub-contractors, main contractors and construction professionals.

Solicitors specialising in representing homeowners, business owners and trades people in building disputes across East Anglia

Holmes & Hills Solicitors has a team of solicitors specialising in the area of Construction Law, allowing them to provide expert advice on building and construction disputes. The team acts for home owners, builders and tradespeople across East Anglia.

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Dispute advice for contractors and trades people >

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Legal advice and representation for home and business owners:

Disputes between builders, trades people and consumers or businesses are often made more complicated by the lack of formal written contracts between the parties, but can be equally as complicated where there is a written agreement. Often contracts have been varied (either in writing or verbally) during the build project and are often lacking in necessary detail from the beginning. It can be just as problematic where contracts have not been amended but where they perhaps should have been.

In these situations there is a lot to be argued and much to be disputed, with expert legal representation likely to be pivotal in dictating the course of the dispute and its successful resolution.

Disputes surrounding building and construction works is a specialist area of Law and it is important advice and representation is sought from a Construction Law solicitor with previous experience dealing with such matters. Many law firms will not have a Construction Team as Holmes & Hills does.

Resolution of a building dispute can mean a defect is rectified by the party that undertook the work, or that monies are returned or not paid, providing for another party to undertake work that is required. Your solicitor at Holmes & Hills will discuss with you what your objectives are and advise on the full or part remedy based on the specific facts and circumstances of the case.

Common types of building dispute brought by home and business owners:

  • Incomplete works
  • Defective works
  • Demands for additional monies
  • Delays
  • Damage to property or assets
  • Works not meeting specification
  • Disputes with insurers

Disputes will commonly relate to works such as:

  • Building of extensions
  • Building of conservatories
  • Construction of loft extensions
  • Replacement of windows and doors
  • Building of annexes, garages and outbuildings
  • Roofing works
  • Kitchen fitting
  • Bathroom fitting
  • Internal reconfigurations
  • Building of a bespoke new-build property
  • Electrical wiring
  • Plumbing and heating
  • Damage caused by building works to a neighbour’s property

Specialist construction solicitors at Holmes & Hills

Holmes & Hills has a team of solicitors dealing solely with construction and building related disputes. The team acts for national and regional building contractors, trades people, business owners and homeowners.

The experience of the Construction Team means they will likely have dealt with a case the same as yours - if not exactly, then in circumstance - from both the position of the party having the works undertaken, as well as the party undertaking or responsible for the works. This experience places our team of construction and building legal experts in the perfect position to offer you the strategic, pragmatic and expert advice and representation you require to settle your dispute successfully, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Advice and representation for builders and trades people

If you are a trades person, sub-contractor or main contractor and your dispute is with another contractor, a developer, a professional service provider or a business, it is likely that the content on another page of this website, tailored to construction disputes between such parties, will be more appropriate and provide you with more helpful information. Please click the below button for content regarding construction disputes for main contractors, sub-contractors and developers.

Advice and representation for professional advisors

If you are a provider of professional services within the construction industry (surveyor, architect, engineer, consultant) and are involved in a building dispute with a contractor, developer or another professional, it is likely that the content on another page of this website will be more appropriate for you. Please click the button below to access this more appropriate content for professional service providers within the construction industry.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

Holmes & Hills is experienced in resolving building disputes through the full spectrum of legal methods available, including ADR. Methods of ADR include:

  • Mediation
  • Adjudication
  • Arbitration
  • Expert determination

[SB1] ADR can provide for a quicker, more cost-effective resolution of a dispute in some instances and may offer benefits above and beyond traditional litigation and court procedure.

When discussing your dispute with a specialist Construction Law solicitor at Holmes & Hills, your solicitor will speak with you about the options available, given the circumstances surrounding your dispute, along with the benefits of each and the extent to which each may be appropriate in your situation.

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