Managing Variations and Extra Hire in Scaffolding Contracts

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A webinar with The Scaffolding Association for scaffolding companies

A free webinar for scaffolding companies, delivered by Holmes & Hills' specialist construction solicitors, organised in partnership with The Scaffolding Association.

Attendees will leave the webinar understanding the legal and practical considerations of how to effectively manage variations and extra hire circumstances relating to scaffolding contracts.

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Attendees will be made aware of the contractual details required within contracts in order to protect the scaffolding contractor, as well as the contract management practices essential to protecting against risk and importantly, maximising the value of scaffolding contracts.

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If your scaffolding company finds itself dealing with extra hire and variation situations on its projects with clients, this webinar is for you and your colleagues.

What the webinar will cover:

Utilising practical case examples and contract clauses, the webinar will cover:

  • What is a variation?
  • What if a variation is disputed or a price is not agreed?
  • Can you refuse to carry out the work?
  • We have extra hire in our tender (bingo...)?
  • Is extra hire not just a variation or loss of expense from delay?
  • What if you simply can't get paid for your variations?

Put your questions to the speakers:

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers at the end of the webinar. If a question is not answered during the session due to time constraints, one of the speakers will contact you to answer this on an individual basis following the webinar.

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is open to representatives of member companies of The Scaffolding Association as well as non-member companies. The webinar is appropriate and recommended for:

  • Directors
  • Commercial Managers/Directors
  • Contract Managers/Directors
  • Any other person responsible for negotiating or managing scaffolding contracts, or dealing with payment notices.

About the speakers:

This webinar will be delivered by members of Holmes & Hills Solicitors' specialist Construction Division, including Sam Bawden (Partner) and Lawrence Pearce (Partner).

Holmes & Hills' Construction Division acts for scaffolding companies across the country in scaffolding contract and payment disputes.

Holmes & Hills is the national legal partner of The Scaffolding Association and this will be the latest in a number of free webinar training sessions organised for member and non-member scaffolding contractors.

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