Probate and Estate Administration

Losing someone close to you is a distressing time, not helped by the need to administer their estate with the many decisions and complexities of the law to contend with.

Holmes & Hills Solicitors’ team of friendly, dedicated, professionals are experts who are able to assist you with all aspects of estate administration whether you are an executor appointed by a Will or an administrator where there is no Will (an Intestacy).

We can help you with:

  • Advice in respect of your legal duties and responsibilities
  • Understanding the terms of the Will
  • Issues with the administration caused by difficult family relationships
  • Assessing the Inheritance Tax liability
  • Applying for the transferable and main residence nil-rate bands
  • Preparing the HM Revenue and Customs Account
  • Foreign elements: including property, bank accounts and shares
  • Charitable beneficiaries and their requirements
  • Minor Beneficiaries
  • Will Trusts
  • Tax issues during the administration
  • Use of our client account (avoiding the need to open an executor’s bank account)
  • Claims against the estate by creditors or disappointed beneficiaries
  • Deeds of Variation

In addition we offer:

To meet with you at our offices or in your home*
Letters tailored to your preferences, including allowing you to dictate font size. A small detail but important if you are sight impaired.

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So, why use Holmes & Hills?

Administering an estate is often time consuming, complex and there are pitfalls for the lay person. We are happy to assist with as much or as little as you need, whether applying only for the Grant of Representation or the whole of the estate administration from start to finish. You can have peace of mind knowing that you will have the benefit of our expert knowledge to ensure you comply with your legal responsibilities.

Challenging a Will or disputing an estate:

If you are considering contesting a Will or challenging some other aspect of an estate, or the way the estate has been administered and distributed, Holmes & Hills Solicitors can help you. Contested probate is a specialist area of law requiring unique expertise and significant experience. Holmes & Hills has a team of solicitors specialising in advising on matters concerning contested probate. Whether you are an Executor or a Beneficiary, contact Rachel Shaw or Harry Grant for advice.

*By prior arrangement - home visit charges apply.

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Get expert legal advice
Call 01376 320456 and speak to a specialist probate and estate administration lawyer.
Or send an email

Your Probate and Estate Administration Team

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