17/07/19 - Holmes & Hills expand residential property team

A new residential conveyancing lawyer has joined our team of residential property solicitors this month. Vicki Crawford will be working at our Sudbury office with the expert residential property team, advising on matters such as buying and selling property, transfers of equity and re-mortgaging.

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12/07/19 - Lease Extension Calculators – the Lowdown

If you are the owner of a leasehold flat, maisonette or apartment, lease extensions will likely already be at the back of your mind. With a growing trend for online Lease Extension Calculator tools, Holmes & Hills residential property solicitors explore if these are truly necessary for the leasehold property owner.

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08/07/19 - The Importance of Terms and Conditions to your Business

Late payment of invoices is an unfortunate fact of life for many small to medium sized enterprises businesses, as customers often give lower priority to bills from small firms. Holmes & Hills Debt Recovery and Litigation Solicitors the right Terms and Conditions of payment in place, however, you can ensure that you get paid on time, making your customers excuses for slow payments non-existent.

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27/06/19 - Employment Law: Change is Coming

Despite Brexit overshadowing Government business, there are currently several significant employment law reforms being debated or indeed enacted. Many of the changes will not take effect until April 2020, but employers and recruiters still need to be aware.

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14/05/19 - Very Special Circumstances: Recent Green Belt Development in the South East

By way of an introduction, the Green Belt policy was established in 1955 with the primary aim of preventing urban sprawl. There are now 14 separate areas of Green Belt with a coverage totalling approximately 13% of England.

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08/05/19 - Planning Law Update 2019

This autumn, Homes & Hills planning law solicitors will once again be holding a number of planning seminars to discuss changes to planning legislation, recent legal developments and the implications of these for property, development and planning professionals.

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30/04/19 - How Debt Recovery Solicitors Could Save Your Business

This week, it was reported that FlyBMI, an airline operating across Europe until it’s collapse in early 2019, owed up to £37 million at the time of its closure. The debt was outstanding to passengers, suppliers and airports around the world, and administrators estimate that those who have lost out may only receive 1% of their claims – a frankly shocking fact. With factors such as Brexit contributing to economic uncertainty, the risks of a business falling in to debt are real; but how realistic is it to expect your money back, should a business be indebted to you? Holmes & Hills debt recovery solicitors can advise on debt recovery, boasting a 91% recovery success rate.

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