June 6, 2012

Woman awarded compensation for cosmetic surgery performed abroad

A woman who’s surgical wound burst open following a breast enhancement operation in Tunisia has been awarded £12,000 in compensation. The case acts as a stark warning to the growing numbers of people travelling abroad to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures.

Ms Chapman, from Hampshire, suffered what she described as a “horrendous” ordeal after choosing to undergo a breast enhancement operation at a cosmetic surgery practice in Tunisia.

Following the initial operation Ms Chapman was disappointed with the results and returned to the clinic in order for corrections to be made. Upon returning home to the UK Ms Chapman found she was in severe pain. When she took a hot shower in an effort to relive some of the pain, the wound from her operation burst open.

Ms Chapman said: “I was in absolute agony after the second operation and knew something wasn’t right, but when I called the clinic for advice no-one could help.”

After suffering the complication Ms Chapman underwent two further corrective operations in the UK.

Ms Chapman went on to say: “I hope my story acts as a warning to anyone else considering having cosmetic surgery abroad.”

For information on claiming compensation for a cosmetic procedure undertaken in the UK or abroad, see our Cosmetic Surgery Compensation pages.

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