September 6, 2018

Autumn 2018 Manufacturing & Engineering newsletter published

Holmes & Hills’ team of manufacturing solicitors have published their latest newsletter providing manufacturing and engineering companies with important updates on changes in the law and important legal issues potentially impacting their business.

This latest issue features Sam Bawden (Partner) discussing the complex issue of liability stemming from the increased use of robotics and the complex networks of machinery and robots, as well as workers, software programmes and maintenance service providers.

David Dixey, Employment Lawyer, discusses constructive dismissal, a topic of increasing importance in a tight labour market - where employees have the confidence to challenger employers and seek alternative employment – and following the abolition of Employment Tribunal fees in July 2017.

Rachel Astill, Commercial Law solicitor and Associate, discusses important issues to consider when entering a new supplier relationship, or reviewing existing supply contracts, including issues of exclusivity, performance indicators and service levels, as well as planning you exit from the relationship and the contract from the outset.

Wendy Martin, commercial property solicitor, discusses new regulations coming into force impacting upon landlords and (potentially) tenants of commercial properties with a low EPC rating.

Also including in this most recent version of the Manufacturing & Engineering newsletter is information on Holmes & Hills’ highly effective debt recovery service.

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