April 22, 2019

New Will service levels designed to suit individual needs

When it comes to family circumstances, Holmes & Hills Wills Solicitors understand that everyone is different. Baring this in mind, Holmes & Hills now offer four different levels of Will service which entirely depend on individual requirements. When making a Will, the individual or couple will need to consider their situation and needs, to best provide for their loved ones after their death. Failure to do this can result in your assets and estate not being passed on in the way you would have wished, resulting in hardship for your family.

Naturally, the complexity of people’s affairs may differ, and circumstances do change, which is why it is crucial to find the service which suits you. Each level of service provides couples with a saving on legal fees when they make ‘Mirror’ Wills, up to 21%. The service levels come at a fixed price, except the Bespoke package.

Our experience tells us that many of us will benefit from sound legal advice and guidance prior to making a Will. The following Will services are centred on this advice and guidance to ensure that your Will protects your wishes, your family and wealth, as well as reducing the risk of a challenge to your Will being made in the future by a third party.


Holmes & Hills’ Standard Will Service offer a Will writing service suitable for single people leaving assets to their family or friends, as well as for parents with adult children. This service is designed to provide a robust, simple Will at a competitive price.

Standard Plus

Our Standard Plus Will Service provides more comprehensive advice, allowing you to create a personalised Will with the benefit of sound legal advice on areas that we know cause concern to many clients. For example:

  • You may wish to leave a large number of gifts of cash or personal belongings to family, friends or charities/organisations
  • You may wish to leave the balance of your estate to your husbands/wife’s family and to your own family in certain percentages
  • You may wish to say who benefits if your primary beneficiary fails to survive you
  • You may wish to discuss the role of executor and guardian for your children and wish to appoint a guardian for your young children
  • You may also ask us how inheritance tax works and about planning to cover your future care needs (or those of another relative) as well as how to protect your family in the event of divorce, bankruptcy or disability.


Our Premium Will Service is designed to protect you, your family and your wealth where requirements have been identified due to your individual circumstances. Our protective Wills may include a wish to:

  • Leave your home to your children and avoid it passing to a third party.
  • Protect your spouse or partner so that they can continue to live in the property
  • Protect your children from their own divorce, partnership breakdown or bankruptcy
  • Protect your children from the surviving spouse’s remarriage
  • Make provisions for both your children and grandchildren
  • Protect your business interests
  • Have a vulnerable child who will need continuous financial control or input throughout their life


Holmes & Hills Bespoke Will Service allows you to access expert advice from the firm’s most seniorand to have your Will tailored to your individual needs. This may be required due to complex family circumstances, business or farming interests or a personal wealth that requires protection through lifetime or Will trusts. You may also require advice on inheritance tax and a report on its impact on you. This service may require ongoing annual or bi-annual meetings, but this will be discussed with you.

For advice and guidance on which Will service level to choose, Call us on 01376 320456 (Essex) or 01787 275275 (Suffolk) and ask to speak with one of our team about making your Will.

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