August 28, 2019

Divorce: How to choose the right solicitor for you

You need advice and assistance. There are lots of divorce solicitors out there. You may have never had to take legal advice before. The question is, who do you choose?

Things to consider

Trust and Approachability

It is important that you have a good and trusting relationship with your divorce solicitor. Is your solicitor someone that you can talk to easily and confidently. Does she or he really listen to you and what you want to achieve. Can you contact your solicitor and get through to them whether on the telephone, by email or in person. If a situation arises and you want help, you need to be able to contact them.

Meeting your solicitor:

Most solicitors offer an initial consultation at a fixed fee or reduced fee. Holmes & Hills Solicitors offer a fixed fee consultation for the price of £105 +VAT. This is a very good opportunity to discuss your case with a specialist divorce solicitor. The solicitor can advise you of your options and the approach that they would take. You can meet that solicitor and assess whether this is someone that you can discuss your personal affairs with and trust to move your case forward.


Ask around – it is possible that you will know someone who has gone through a divorce or separation and used a good solicitor. Recommendations are a great way to find out exactly what working with a particular solicitor is going to be like.

Your divorce solicitors approach:

Consider whether your solicitor’s approach is the right approach for you. If you wish to have your solicitor approach matters amicably then check whether they are a member of Resolution.


Members of Resolution commit Family Law solicitors to resolving disputes in a non-confrontational way. They believe that family law disputes should be dealt with in a constructive way designed to preserve people’s dignity and to encourage agreement.

Solicitors who are members of Resolution are required to:-

  • Conduct matters in a constructive and non-confrontational way
  • Avoid use of inflammatory language both written and spoken
  • Retain professional objectivity and respect for everyone involved
  • Take into account the long term consequences of actions and communications as well as the short term implications
  • Encourage clients to put the best interests of the children first
  • Emphasise to clients the importance of being open and honest in all dealings.
  • Make clients aware of behaving in a civilised way
  • Keep financial and children issues separate
  • Ensure that consideration is given to balancing the benefits of any steps against the likely costs – financial or emotional
  • Inform clients of the options e.g. counselling, family therapy, round table negotiations, mediation, collaborative law and Court proceedings
  • Abide by the Resolution guides to good practice

The team of specialist Family Law solicitors at Holmes & Hills are proud to be members of Resolution.

Is your divorce solicitor strong?

Strong enough to stand up for you but also to advise you. Remember you want a solicitor who is looking after your best interests and won’t be afraid to give you advice even if you may not want to hear it.


Consider the costs your solicitor will charge. Initial consultation appointments can be a good way of establishing with your solicitor what action you wish your solicitor to take and for them to give you a very good estimate in relation to costs. Your solicitor can suggest things you can do to keep the costs down.


It can be very useful to have a solicitor who is local to your place or work or your home. Is there parking available at your solicitor’s office so that you can call in and visit easily.


It is your right to have a good solicitor that you trust. If you are not happy with the service that you have received or do not understand your solicitor’s advice, then ask questions. If you are not happy with the solicitor then approach another one.

If you have a solicitor that you like and trust then the whole process should be a lot easier.

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