November 19, 2019

Lease Extension Specialist joins Holmes & Hills

Holmes & Hills solicitors have welcomed senior lease extension solicitor Callie Tuplin to the firm this month. Callie will be advising specifically on extending leases on residential properties. Having accrued years of experience in collective enfranchisement and lease extension matters, Callie enjoys being able to help landlords, tenants and stand-alone individuals in a process which she describes as ‘an ever-growing and complex process to protect what is normally their most valuable asset’. Callie is happy to offer free initial advice to anyone looking to extend their lease.

Seek expert advice

Seeking legal advice regarding extending your lease is highly recommended, as a specialist lease extension solicitor such as Callie is in the best position to advise you on your right to extend your lease, the best approach to take when dealing with a freeholder and is able to provide an accurate insight in to the costs and timescales involved in extending your lease. An expert opinion can help to save you time and money. Callie can also offer advice on selling or purchasing a property with a short lease.

Why is lease extension important?

Extending your lease is essentially protecting the future value of your property. Properties with leases below 80 years can be significantly more expensive to extend a lease. It is also harder to buy, sell or re-mortgage these properties, which is why Holmes & Hills lease extension solicitors strongly recommend that your lease is extended at the 85-90 year mark.

Contact Callie for free initial advice

Callie is already offering specialist advice and guidance to a number of clients across the country on their lease extension. For free initial advice, contact Holmes & Hills today and speak to Callie on 01376 320456 or email

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