March 31, 2020

Demand for Will writing services soars amid COVID-19 outbreak

Holmes & Hills Solicitors in Sudbury are receiving a high volume of enquiries from people wishing to make Wills or update an existing Will, amid the continuing public health concern relating to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Holmes & Hills can reassure existing clients and those that may wish to contact the firm for the first time, that the local law firm continues to provide Will writing services without clients needing to attend an office or meet face to face with a lawyer.

Will writing services delivered by telephone appointment

Holmes & Hills understands that in these unprecedented times, it is important to provide a professional service to our clients, one which meets your needs without putting you at risk. We will therefore be offering Will appointments by Skype or telephone appointment, whichever is your preference.

For as long as Government guidance suggests it is necessary to socially distance, Will services shall be provided by Holmes & Hills without the need for clients to attend an office in person. You will be able to speak to our specialist lawyers who will provide you with professional advice and guidance, over the telephone.

Do I need to make a Will?

Quite simply, if you do not make a Will the law says who inherits your estate. Most people assume that everything would pass automatically to their partner, but this is not necessarily so. If you are not married or in a civil partnership, your partner will have no automatic right to inherit any part of your estate. Your estate may pass to the person or persons you would not want to inherit. It may result in financial hard-ship for your loved ones or an expensive court action.

Making a Will ensures that the people you want to benefit, do so.

Our clients often wish to receive advice as follows:

  • How to provide for grand-children
  • How to provide for adult children
  • How to provide for children from a former marriage
  • How to update an existing Will
  • How to provide for your spouse
  • How to protect your estate if your spouse were to re-marry after your death
  • How to plan for future care

Should I update my Will?

If your circumstances or wishes have changed since you prepared your Will, our solicitors can advise you on preparing a Will that reflects your current situation and wishes. You may need to update your Will if any of the following have changed since you made your Will:

  • Your marital or relationship status
  • The size or nature of your immediate or extended family
  • How you wish your estate to be distributed
  • The nature or level of your assets

No better time to make a Will – save up to 21%*

Married couples, long-term couples and civil partners all save between 16-21% on legal fees when making Mirror Wills, with the exact saving being subject to the complexity of the affairs. You will be advised of this at an initial appointment.

Get advice or ask a question

For specialist advice on Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Trusts please contact Holmes & Hills Solicitors on 01376 320456 (Essex) or 01787 275275 (Suffolk) today. Holmes & Hills remains fully operational during the Coronavirus outbreak and continues to provide a full range of services, via telephone, email and Skype.

*Couples save 16%-21% when making Mirror Wills at the same time.

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