June 24, 2022

East Anglia GREEN Pylon Scheme: June 2022 update

We have been busy making representations on behalf of our clients to National Grid plc regarding its East Anglia GREEN pylons scheme.

Following the closure of the pre-statutory consultation period on 16 June 2021 we understand that the National Grid (and its agent Fisher German) will be seeking to make contact with landowners and other relevant parties (we assume occupiers) with a view to undertaking further surveys but potentially also to explore in more detail some of the representations made. For example, we would anticipate engagement with National Grid as to some of our clients’ representations.

The next formal period of consultation is scheduled to open in Spring/early Summer 2023, at which stage interested parties will have an opportunity to make formal representations regarding the scheme and its proposed route etc.

If you are a landowner affected by the scheme, or an interested party seeking legal advice on the scheme, Holmes & Hills’ specialist planning law lawyers would be delighted to hear from you. We can be contacted using the form below. Equally, if you would like to receive further updates from Holmes & Hills as to this scheme please also fill in the form below and you will be added to the firm’s “Pylons Update” and be notified in turn.

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