May 31, 2024

Specialist Compulsory Purchase Solicitors Talk to ‘Pylons East Anglia’ Group:

Holmes & Hills Solicitors’ specialist Compulsory Purchase and Development Consent Division recently delivered talks to members of the Pylons East Anglia group at two events across Essex and Suffolk, organised by the campaign group.

Following the group’s representatives contacting Holmes & Hills Solicitors for a discussion about the Norwich to Tilbury pylon scheme being proposed by National Grid, Pylons East Anglia invited Holmes & Hills’ division of specialist compulsory purchase solicitors to speak to its members at two information events the group wanted to organise for members.

Taking place on Friday 24th May in Essex and Thursday 30th May in Suffolk, approximately 140 property and land owners who stand to affected by the pylon scheme attended and posed questions to the specialist solicitors from Holmes & Hills.

Led by Michael Harman, Partner, and Catherine Hibbert, Solicitor, both of Holmes & Hills’ specialist Compulsory Purchase and Development Consent Division, Holmes & Hills informed attendees about the due process surrounding Development Consent Orders and Compulsory Purchase as set out in legislation. This included identifying the current stage of the Norwich to Tilbury scheme and key stages for influencing such a scheme.

Michael also spoke at length about matters surrounding compensation, discretionary purchases and compulsory purchases for blighted properties both ‘on’ and ‘off’ scheme. Following the talks Michael and Catherine took a wide range of questions from attendees concerned about the impact of the scheme on their properties and assets.

Pylons East Anglia Group:

The Pylons East Anglia group is a not-for-profit group operated by volunteers who are themselves expected to be affected by the proposed Norwich to Tilbury project, previously known as East Anglia GREEN. The Group acts to keep the many parties (homeowners, landowners, etc) likely to be impacted by the scheme informed as to any new information relevant to the scheme. The Group also organises itself to represent the interests of those expecting to be impacted, organising and collecting donations and using these to fund obtaining professional advice as well as PR activity. Holmes & Hills is not a professional advisor to the group.

About Holmes & Hills’ specialist Compulsory Purchase and Development Consent Division:

Holmes & Hills is one of only a small number of law firms in the country with solicitors specialising in Development Consent Orders, Compulsory Purchase Orders and Blight claims, which advises and represents homeowners, landowners and SMEs.

With three specialist solicitors, all members of the Compulsory Purchase Association, including Michael Harman, Partner Head of the Compulsory Purchase and Development Consent Division, who is individually recognised for his expertise and experience in this complex area of the law by the Legal 500 – an independent directory of the UK’s leading lawyers and law firms.

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