Michael Wright

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michael wright
Working in partnership with regional developers, land owners and consortiums in East Anglia

Michael works with clients across East Anglia to maximise land values and protect clients' interests when party to development agreements.

As a consultant in Holmes & Hills' commercial property team, Michael provides in-depth and specialist advice in many high value and complex cases. Michael’s work consists of him advising regional developers, landowners and international property investment companies.

Michael is extremely experienced in, and able to provide specialist advice in relation to complex consortium agreements, joint-venture agreements, option agreements, conditional sale agreements, land promotion agreements and collaboration agreements, as well as ancillary contracts and agreements involved in development deals, such as building contracts and project management agreements and management company contracts.

Michael was a partner in Holmes & Hills until 2013 at which time he became a consultant. Michael has been practising Commercial Property Law for over 50 years and is highly regarded among developers based in the region.

Michael is based at Holmes & Hills Solicitors in Braintree.

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