September 16, 2020

Make your Will, safely, this autumn

Holmes & Hills Solicitors announce enhanced Safe Service Standards to ensure you can make your Will safely.

Coronavirus has resulted in many people wanting to plan for their futures and ensure that their loved ones are protected through the creation of a valid Will.  Many individuals are though concerned about seeing a lawyer face to face now.

At Holmes & Hills Solicitors, our Will lawyers understand the importance of ensuring you and your loved ones’ legal interests are protected; but we also understand that you may have some concerns about coming in to an office to complete your Will, especially if you have a medical condition or fall into a vulnerable category.  We believe it is our job to facilitate and support you to make your Will in the safest possible manner and have, following extensive review of government guidance, set out a number of ‘Safe Service Standards’ that will be in place when you come to one of our offices.

Will solicitors

Our team of expert lawyers will minimise the amount of time you have to spend in our office. Your lawyer can provide expert legal advice through telephone or video calls in order to take your instructions. This appointment will usually take around one hour.

Depending on the complexity of your Will, it may be necessary for you to attend the office after your initial telephone appointment. This allows us to ensure you understand the advice we have provided, as well as the implications of the legal documents we have drafted for you, before you sign them. If it is necessary for you to attend the office, our lawyers will advise you of this during your call.

Making a will safely

Holmes & Hills’ Safe Service Standards include:

  • Perspex screening in place in each reception area
  • Upon arrival you will be taken directly to the meeting room, to avoid sitting in a communal waiting room
  • Perspex screen across the table between you and your lawyer
  • Your lawyer will be wearing a full protective face shield and a fresh pair of gloves
  • You will bring and use your own pen
  • Appropriate social distancing will always be maintained between you and your solicitor
  • The meeting room will have been fully cleaned before your arrival and will be cleaned between each appointment
  • Hand sanitiser will be available in the main reception area as well as in each meeting room
  • Face coverings will be provided and any client in the building must wear one unless they have a medical reason not to
  • If you are unable to attend one of our offices we may be able to meet you at your home in a garden setting to comply with safe distancing to sign your Will or to witness your Will through an open window if a garden setting is unavailable.

Having a valid Will remains the only way to ensure your estate is left in accordance with your wishes. You should ensure that the document accurately reflects your wishes and is updated should your circumstances change. It is often assumed that upon their death, assets pass automatically to a partner, but this is not always the case. If you are unmarried, your partner has no automatic right to any part of your estate.

Mirror wills

Holmes & Hills Solicitors provides Will services for couples which means couples now save between 16% and 21% on legal fees when making Mirror Wills at the same time. Married couples, long-term couples and civil partners all benefit from the saving.

Holmes & Hills’ team of expert solicitors can advise you on Wills to provide for a wide range of matters, including where there are business assets, foreign property/assets, estranged family members, children from a previous relationship.

Get expert advice for making a will

To find out more about making Wills with Holmes & Hills or our Safe Service Standards, call 01376 320456 and speak to a member of our Private Client Department.
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