April 1, 2021

Advising clients of Leasehold Solutions (in liquidation)

Clients of Leasehold Solutions Limited and Leasehold Valuers Limited are contacting Holmes & Hills Solicitors for advice and assistance after being written to with notice that the companies are closing and that they need to find an alternative company to take over their case.

Holmes & Hills advising clients of Leasehold Solutions

Holmes & Hills Solicitors has a team of specialist leasehold and lease extension solicitors that are assisting and advising clients of Leasehold Solutions Limited and Leasehold Valuers Limited. Holmes & Hills is able to have lease extension files and freehold purchase matters transferred to Holmes & Hills from Leasehold Solutions with a view to Holmes & Hills Solicitors continuing the process for clients.

If a client was using valuation services of Leasehold Valuers and valuation services are still required, Holmes & Hills is able to provide you with the name of alternative specialist leasehold valuation surveyors.

Representing clients nationally

Holmes & Hills Solicitors acts for leaseholders across the country in extending leases, purchasing freeholds, collective enfranchisement, Deeds of Variation and Licenses for Works, amongst other specialist, leasehold legal matters.

Specialist lease extension solicitors

Holmes & Hills Solicitors has a team of solicitors specialising in leasehold property matters and lease extensions. The expertise of Holmes & Hills’ team is independently recognised by ALEP (Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Solicitors) as specialising in leasehold property matters including lease extensions. Holmes & Hills is also independently recognised by the Legal 500 – an independent directory of the countries leading law firms - as a specialist provider of legal advice and representation to leaseholders on all matters concerning leasehold property.

The companies ceased trading on 30th March 2021

It is understood that the companies Leasehold Solutions Ltd and Leasehold Valuers Ltd ceased trading on 30th March 2021 and had, in correspondence issued prior to this date, encouraged clients to instruct alternative law firms to advise and represent them.

What to do now?

As the Directors of Leasehold Solutions Ltd and Leasehold Valuers Ltd (and Begbies Traynor - insolvency practitioners) recommended in their letters to clients, it is recommended that you approach and find an alternative law firm, one that specialises in leasehold matters, to discuss moving your case to that firm from Leasehold Solutions.

When you approach Holmes & Hills Solicitors we will discuss with you what stage of the lease extension process your case has reached and discuss what fees have already been paid to Leasehold Solutions. We will ten discuss with you your options for moving your file to Holmes & Hills Solicitors.

What if I do not pick a law firm to move to?

If you do not select a law firm to contact and move your case to, the Insolvency Practitioners (Begbies Traynor) that is dealing with the liquidation of Leasehold Solutions may sell your case to another law firm or company as part of the insolvency process. You will have no say in who your case is sold to in this instance. Your case may be purchased by a law firm that you would not have chosen to represent you.

Get free initial guidance from Holmes & Hills Solicitors

The lease extension process is complicated enough without the company assisting you in the process going into liquidation part-way through. To understand what your options are now and to find out how Holmes & Hills Solicitors can assist you from this point forward, call us on 01206 593933.

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For free initial guidance on your options and how Holmes & Hills can help, call 01206 593933 or complete the form below.

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