How likely is it that your property transaction will fall-through?

It is probably more likely than you think but your choice of conveyancer can make all the difference.

Give yourself the best chance of a successful completion on your home purchase or sale by working in partnership with Holmes & Hills' residential property team. Benefit from our 90% successful completion rate for property transactions, which is 20% higher than the national average.*

What number of property transactions fall-through?

Rightmove report that, on average across the country, approximately 25% of property transactions fall-through**. It is a much higher percentage than most buyers and sellers expect it to be. This means, subject to your choice of law firm, your transaction faces a 1 in 4 chance of falling-through.

Reduce the risk of your transaction falling-through by benefiting from a 20% higher rate of success

Those using Holmes & Hills' conveyancing services benefit from a materially higher successful completion rate compared to the national average. Your transaction has an increased chance of successfully completing when Holmes & Hills is advising and representing you in your property transaction.

Why do property transactions fall-through?

Your transaction might fall-through for a number of reasons, most of them outside of your control.

These include:

  • your buyer finding another property;
  • being unable to secure their mortgage;
  • or a change in their circumstances which means they can no longer proceed with the purchase.

Benefit from fixed fee packages

As well as an increased chance of your transaction successfully completing, Holmes & Hills provides fixed-fee residential conveyancing quotes with no hidden charges. When you obtain conveyancing quotations from other law firms you may find charges for completing Stamp Duty Land Tax forms, dealing with lenders and leasehold fees. With Holmes & Hills, these items are included within our legal fee. We give you a simple, transparent, fixed-fee quotation.

Solving problems through a proactive and pragmatic approach

Holmes & Hills has a large team of experienced property lawyers who are supported by Planning Law, property litigation, agricultural and commercial specialists, meaning we resolve problems when they arise and keep transactions on track, reducing the risk of a property transaction falling through and securing a successful completion.

Partner with Holmes & Hills to secure your transaction

By working in partnership with our clients, local estate agents, mortgage brokers, and financial advisors, Holmes & Hills' residential property lawyers will ensure a smooth transaction, whilst protecting your legal interests. In the last 12 months, Holmes & Hills have helped over 3,600 people move home and we are ready to help you.

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*Holmes & Hills' successful completion rate is calculated using sample data for 400 residential property transactions started between October 2021 to December 2021 and is compared to national average successful completion rate of 75% (provided by Rightmove, 11/05/2022).

**Rightmove data supplied on 11/05/2022.

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