April 10, 2021

Alternative solicitors for clients of Leasehold Solutions and Leasehold Law

Holmes & Hills Solicitors is being contacted by many clients of Leasehold Solutions Ltd and Leasehold Law for free initial guidance and information.

Advising clients of Leasehold Solutions and Leasehold Law

As a specialist firm of leasehold property solicitors operating nationally, Holmes & Hills Solicitors is being contacted clients of Leasehold Solutions Ltd and Leasehold Law for guidance and information on their options following the announcement of Leasehold Solutions going into liquidation and Leasehold Law's planned ceasing of trading on 14th May.

Holmes & Hills is speaking with clients of Leasehold Solutions and Leasehold to establish at what stage of their lease extension or freehold purchase they reached and providing guidance on what is still required and what clients options are for achieving completion of their matter.

Holmes & Hills can be your alternative law firm

Holmes & Hills is a specialist provider of legal services to leaseholders, covering all manner of leasehold property matters, including lease extensions and freehold purchases.

Some leaseholders contacting Holmes & Hills are not sure as to exact stage which their matter has reached. Through asking questions about your communications with Leasehold Solutions and Leasehold Law to date, we will help you establish the stage you are likely to have reached and discuss with you the work left still to do and how we can help see you through to completion.

Clients of Leasehold Solutions and Leasehold Law have paid different amounts to the companies. We will ask you how much you have paid to date and provide you with a clear and transparent legal fee for undertaking the work remaining on your matter.

It is important to instruct a specialist in leasehold property matters

Leasehold property law and leasehold enfranchisement, including extending a lease and purchasing a freehold, is a specialist area of law. As Leasehold Law has stated in its communications to clients, it is important that any law firm you choose to transfer your file to is expert in leasehold property matters. This ensures you receive the expert legal advice and representation that you require in order to ensure your interests are protected.

Holmes & Hills Solicitors is on the national solicitors panel of ALEP (Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners) and is independently commented upon as having specialist expertise in leasehold enfranchisement matters by The Legal 500 - an independent directory of the UK's leading law firms.

Contact an alternative law firm as soon as possible

The nature of leasehold enfranchisement legislation and of freehold purchases and lease extensions is such that timing is important. Legislation dictates various deadlines on leaseholders and freeholders as part of statutory processes, depending on what exactly is being done and what stage a leaseholder has reached in the process.

It is important to speak with a law firm such as Holmes & Hills Solicitors to establish what point in the process you have reached and then to take action to have your file transferred to another firm that can assist you in completing your matter. It is important that any deadlines applicable to you and your file are not missed as this could have material legal and financial consequences.

Holmes & Hills Solicitors can help

Holmes & Hills Solicitors is speaking with, assisting and receiving transferred files from a number of clients of Leasehold Solutions and Leasehold Law. Contact Holmes & Hills Solicitors today for help, assistance and guidance on your options.

Holmes & Hills is speaking with and accepting file transfers from clients based across the country. Services can be conveniently provided to clients over using telephone, email and video call.

Provision of specialist leasehold property services is led by Holmes & Hills leasehold law specialist and Senior Solicitor, Callie Tuplin.

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