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Debt Recovery to Benefit Your Business

October 22, 2019
As a business owner, you will be well aware that unpaid debt can severely impact cash flow. Recovering unpaid invoices […]

New Debt Recovery Measures Announced

July 22, 2019
It has been announced this month that the government have put in place new debt recovery measures, to ensure that […]

The Importance of Terms and Conditions to your Business

July 8, 2019
Late payment of invoices is an unfortunate fact of life for many small to medium sized enterprises businesses, as customers […]

How Debt Recovery could save your business

April 30, 2019
This week, it was reported that FlyBMI, an airline operating across Europe until it’s collapse in early 2019, owed up […]

5 common excuses for late payment – revealed by a debt recovery lawyer

December 15, 2017
As a Debt Recovery Executive who recovers debts for a wide range of clients operating in a wide range of […]

Report highlights need for effective debt recovery solicitors

December 12, 2017
60,000 businesses collapse and 250,000 jobs are lost as a result of late payment and non-payment of invoices, according to […]

Zurich survey reveals small businesses are suffering due to late payments

September 27, 2017
A survey by Zurich, which featured in the latest Zurich SME Risk Index has revealed the magnitude of late payment […]

Debt Recovery: important changes to recovery of debts from individuals

August 24, 2017
You may not be aware but a new Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims will come into force on 1 October […]

Debt recovery solicitors boast 94% success rate

April 24, 2017
Holmes & Hills’ team of debt recovery solicitors is pleased to announce its fixed-fee debt recovery service boasts a 94% […]

Brexit and its effect on enforcing international judgement debts

September 2, 2016
“May you live in interesting times.” This ancient Chinese curse, though probably apocryphal, reflects just how unwelcome change can be, […]

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