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Compliance, compliance, compliance…

October 28, 2020
Planning Law solicitor, Michael Harman discusses some recent appeal and Court decisions concerning compliance period – particularly in the context […]

A12 Chelmsford to A120 Widening Scheme (Highways England)

October 23, 2020
Holmes & Hills Solicitors is currently advising and representing a number of property and land owners who are affected by […]

Planning Law Solicitors recognised among best in the region for 2021

October 22, 2020
Planning Law solicitors recognised by Chambers & Partners as a leading source of Planning Law advice in East Anglia.

The importance of ensuring an original S106 planning obligation is tied to a new section 73 permission

October 19, 2020
Specialist Planning Law solicitor, Sarah Cook outlines the importance of ensuring a S106 planning obligation is tied to a new section 73 permission.

Planning Law solicitor discusses proposed changes to planning

October 15, 2020
Specialist Planning Law solicitor, Jo Lilliott, discusses key changes to the planning system proposed by the Government.

Planning Law solicitors recognised as one of best teams in the region

September 30, 2020
Holmes & Hills Solicitors’ large and growing team of specialist Planning Law solicitors has again been independently ranked as one […]

Business and Planning Act 2020 - a brief review

August 3, 2020
Specialist Planning Law solicitor, Jo Lilliott, discusses key aspects of the Business and Planning Act 2020, from the perspective of […]

Permitted development – changes to permit upwards extensions and require adequate light in house conversions

July 2, 2020
In this article Michael Harman, Planning Law Solicitor and Partner at Holmes & Hills highlights changes to legislation relating to the […]

Planning and Environmental Law Committees call for time extensions, deferral of CIL payments and flexibility regarding S106 Agreements

April 20, 2020
Planning Law solicitor, Sarah Cook, discusses recommendations from Law Societies regarding changes to support the planning system during the Coronavirus […]

The Planning Court during the Coronavirus pandemic

April 8, 2020
Planning Law solicitor, Michael Harman, discusses operational changes made by the Planning Court in order to allow it to continue […]
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