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Medical negligence solicitor Zoe Diss promoted

February 24, 2020
Holmes & Hills Solicitors is pleased to announce the promotion of Senior Solicitor Zoe Diss to the role of Assistant Manager in […]

PTSD: Charity warns of increasing mental health issues in veterans

May 13, 2014
A leading veterans’ mental health charity has been an incredible 57% increase in the amount of veterans from Afghanistan seeking […]

PTSD Facts & Figures

January 21, 2014
Once known only as “shell shock,” a condition affecting those returning from battle, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is now fully […]

PTSD compensation: time is critical in treating PTSD

December 5, 2012
Results of research conducted by doctors in America suggest early intervention in possible cases of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or […]

Marines & soldiers 400% more likely to suffer PTSD

October 26, 2012
A report by the Select Committee on Defence has recognised that military personnel serving with the army or marines are […]

Police compensate man after heavy-handed arrest led him to suffer PTSD

July 31, 2012
A 71 year old man has received an out-of-court PTSD compensation settlement estimated to be worth £20,000 after Police chased him, […]

Criminal Injury Compensation: crime victims at risk of developing mental health problems

July 16, 2012
A leading medical health expert has said more needs to be done to support victims of violent crime as they […]

Judge gives daughter of soldier killed in Iraq right to sue MOD for compensation

July 12, 2012
The 10 year old daughter of a soldier killed in Iraq has won the right to sue the Ministry of […]

PTSD compensation: hidden head injuries linked to PTSD

June 8, 2012
Minor brain injuries suffered by soldiers during combat, which are likely to go undetected in many cases, may play a […]

Are PTSD sufferers missing out on treatment?

May 11, 2012
Over 700,000 people in the UK suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) yet, a top psychologist has argued many of […]

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