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Are the terms of a contract ever fixed?

August 7, 2018
Here is a common scenario experienced by litigation solicitors. A manufacturer and a supplier enter into a contract. The parties record […]

Late deliveries and serving a notice to ‘make time of the essence’

December 8, 2017
This article looks at serving notices to make ‘time of the essence’ when the contract does not include a ‘time […]

Enforcement of Retention of Title Clauses

December 8, 2017
For ease of reference, we shall refer below to the manufacturer/supplier as the ‘seller’ and the defaulting customer as the […]

New Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Regulations may require changes to your Terms & Conditions

November 4, 2015
The new Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) regulations have been implemented as a result of a directive (order) from the European […]

Without prejudice, what does it actually mean?

January 1, 2015
Before involving solicitors, parties that are in dispute with each other often try initially to resolve, or at least record, […]

A Supreme Court “Victory” for Consumer Rights

March 28, 2014
Where goods have been purchased on credit but it materialises they are not fit for purpose consumers are now much […]

Contracts: what’s in a name?

January 3, 2014
When entering into a contract it is important to ensure the name of the party you are contracting with is […]

Small claims limit extended

August 22, 2013
In 2009, Lord Jackson conducted a review of costs in litigation claims, and the Government implemented almost all of Lord […]

Interest rate hedging, yet another banking scandal

August 13, 2013
The FCA (formerly the FSA) is now well into its full review of the widespread mis-selling of interest rate hedging […]

I give you my word (verbal agreements in boundary disputes)

December 18, 2012
In a recent decision the courts have clarified the position in boundary disputes where a verbal agreement has previously been […]

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